Getting "An unexpected error occured while processing the request." while creating flexible MySQL server via terraform

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I'm trying to create azure flexible server for mysql via terraform, unfortunately I am encountering a really non-descriptive error as below.

│ Error: creating Flexible Server (Subscription: *redacted*
│ Resource Group Name: *redacted*
│ Flexible Server Name: *redacted*): polling after Create: Code="InternalServerError" Message="An unexpected error occured while processing the request. Tracking ID: '8dbea974-920a-4d9a-80ac-4ba4e49e43d2'"
│ with azurerm_mysql_flexible_server.main-flexible,
│ on line 46, in resource "azurerm_mysql_flexible_server" "main-flexible":
│ 46: resource "azurerm_mysql_flexible_server" "main-flexible" {

What can be the cause of it? Is it some kind of issue with my Terraform code, or some internal Azure problems?


I've tried provisioning bigger instances, unfortunately without any effect.

To keep it brief, here are tracking IDs for those errors.

4 V cores: f2413538-6efc-4517-8522-e2952c48e7b4

8 V cores: 8840d932-8dca-402d-988e-b229e8a651a9

I've tried creating a server from portal, and could provision 2 V core instance without issues, but unfortunately that does not resolve my issue, as having 100% IaC is a critical project requirement.

Azure Database for MySQL
Azure Database for MySQL
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  1. Rahul Randive 9,176 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi @Max Brydak

    Thanks for sharing the tracking ID.

    It appears that you are creating a server in the West Europe region and have selected 2 V cores with Server Version 8.0.

    Could you please try again with 4 or 8 V cores and see if it works?

    If it does work and you only require 2 V cores, you could consider scaling down the instance. 

    Also, you can try creating a server from the portal to see if any issue from platform side.

    Thank you!