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"unexpected end-of-file found"

XAML/C++/CX XAML page cpp file code shows "unexpected end-of-file found", no other information.

It was OK in old VS version.

How can I know what's wrong?

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It's hard to tell what caused this error based on the error message, can you please provide a simple sample that can be reproduced for us to test? In addition, can you tell us what is your "old VS version" and current VC version?

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The code's last modify date is about one year ago. The page is complex and new created xaml page has no problem, so I don't know how to reproduce easily.

When I put #error to the end of file , it only show that error message, so there should not be other compiler error. I think it may be related to XAML page compiling for C++/CX.

Can I get more infomation about this error, like line number, what code does it think is not finished?

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So did this error throw when you launched the app or after doing some operations? In addition, if you create a new project and copy the code from the page which throws the error, then run it, will the same issue occur?

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Hi, have you solved your issue?

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