Microsoft 365 Integration Issue: SharePoint Online Not Syncing Properly

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Hello Microsoft community,

I am encountering an integration issue with Microsoft 365, specifically related to SharePoint Online, and I am seeking assistance to resolve the problem. Any guidance or suggestions you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Problem Details:

Syncing Delays: I have noticed significant delays in syncing changes made to documents and files in SharePoint Online. After making updates or modifications, it takes a considerable amount of time for the changes to propagate across all devices and for the latest versions to become available.

Syncing Errors: On occasion, I have received error messages indicating syncing failures between SharePoint Online and the local copies of documents stored on my devices. This prevents seamless collaboration and version control among team members who are accessing and editing the same documents.

Sync Conflicts: I am experiencing conflicts when attempting to sync files in SharePoint Online. Sometimes, multiple team members working on the same document simultaneously may encounter conflicts, resulting in conflicting versions or data loss. Resolving these conflicts can be time-consuming and may lead to data inconsistencies.

Inconsistent Syncing Behavior: The syncing behavior between SharePoint Online and the local files on my devices seems to be inconsistent. There are instances where changes made on one device are not reflected on other devices, creating discrepancies and hampering the collaborative workflow.

Steps I've taken:

Verifying Network Connectivity: I have checked my network connection and ensured that it is stable and reliable. However, the syncing issues persist, indicating that the problem lies elsewhere.

Updating Microsoft 365 Applications: I have ensured that all Microsoft 365 applications, including OneDrive and SharePoint, are up to date with the latest versions and updates. Despite this, the syncing issues continue to occur.

Troubleshooting Syncing Settings: I have reviewed the syncing settings in the Microsoft 365 applications and ensured that they are configured correctly. However, I have not been able to identify any specific settings that may be causing the syncing problems.

I kindly request your assistance in identifying and resolving the SharePoint Online syncing issues within Microsoft 365. If you require any additional information or specific troubleshooting steps I can take, please let me know.

Thank you for your support!

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