IP removed in appgw is still operational trafficking data from the forti upstream of the servers.

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A few weeks ago by mistake the AppGW was deleted with its respective configurations.

The public IP and the RG were maintained and the appgw was recreated.

After creating everything, we validate that it worked ahead of the APPGW, there is a Forti running in a VM in Azure, the strange thing is that it has rules to redirect incoming traffic to the APPGW and pointed to the previous private, private that we do not see in the appgw and the rule works.

On the other hand, I tried to add the IP ( to the APPGW as a private lan, but it gave me an error indicating that the IP already exists.

And let me create the (

We are currently needing to be able to configure the correct IP in the APPGW but I can't find a way, through cli I made a thousand queries and I don't see that IP assigned to the APPGW.

Can you help me with some test to rule out if it is an existing rule in AWS (which I don't believe because the listeners point to the public only and I even registered a new site and it works with the FW pointed to the old public) so I have the idea that the forti that is upstream of the APPGW can have a nate or portforwarding and make noise.

Is there any way you can support me by testing in Azure to determine if that IP is routing from the forti VM or if we have any private IP service associated with the VM but we don't see it?

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