Any plan to support vendor-specific 'Set Features' commands in StorNVMe driver ?

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From, Windows StorNVMe driver has partial support for "Set Feature" CMD (Only HCTM).


The driver support 'Pass-through mechanism' for vendor specific commands based on "The Command Effects Log (as described in Commands Supported and Effects, section of NVMe Specification 1.2)".

Regarding vendor-specific features, the site says as following,

Setting vendor-specific features Without the Command Effects Log, the driver has no knowledge of the ramifications of the command. This is why the Command Effects Log is required. It helps the operating system determine if a command is high impact and if it can be sent in parallel with other commands to the drive.

However from NVMe 2.0 specification, " Feature Identifiers Supported and Effects Log (Log Identifier 12h)" has been introduced (In NVMe Base Specification).

Is there any plan to support vendor-specific features setting in StorNVMe driver based on above info ?

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    Thank you for your question and for reaching out with your question today.

    I don't have access to Microsoft's internal development plans or roadmaps. Therefore, I can't provide real-time updates or confirm specific plans for future features or improvements in the StorNVMe driver.

    However, it's not uncommon for drivers and software components to be updated and improved over time, especially to comply with new specifications and standards. Microsoft regularly releases updates and enhancements to its drivers and operating systems, including storage drivers like StorNVMe.

    If you are interested in the latest updates or future plans for the StorNVMe driver, I recommend keeping an eye on official Microsoft documentation, blogs, and announcements related to Windows drivers and storage technologies. Microsoft's developer website and the Windows Hardware Dev Center are good places to look for official information and updates on driver development.

    Additionally, you can provide feedback and feature requests directly to Microsoft through their official channels, such as the Windows Feedback Hub or the Microsoft Developer Community. This allows you to voice your needs and interests, which can influence future improvements and developments.

    Remember that driver updates and support are also dependent on hardware vendors and their specific devices. Some features may require collaboration between Microsoft and hardware manufacturers to be fully supported.

    In summary, while I can't provide specific information on future plans, Microsoft typically continues to improve and enhance its drivers based on industry standards, user feedback, and evolving technologies. Stay tuned to official Microsoft channels for the latest news and updates regarding the StorNVMe driver.

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