Unable to activate RD licenses and Install CAL

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I have a microsoft server which is activated with windows 2000 and I am trying to upgrade to 2019 version but when I am entering the license key pack ID it's failing and showing error.

RD Licensing Manager is unable to able to install license key pack id.

Please assist us on this issue.



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Remote Desktop
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    Upgrading directly from Windows 2000 to Windows Server 2019 is not a supported path, and it's not possible to perform an in-place upgrade from such an old operating system to the latest version.

    To migrate from Windows Server 2000 to Windows Server 2019, you'll need to follow a multi-step migration process, involving multiple intermediate upgrades. Here are the high-level steps:

    1. Assessment and Planning: Assess your current Windows 2000 environment, including the hardware, software, and applications. Identify any dependencies and compatibility issues with modern Windows Server versions. Plan the migration process accordingly.
    2. Backup and Data Transfer: Perform a comprehensive backup of your data, applications, and settings. This ensures that you have a backup in case of any issues during the migration process.
    3. Upgrade to Supported Intermediate Versions: As a first step, you need to upgrade from Windows Server 2000 to a supported intermediate version. This might include upgrading to Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012, or 2016, depending on the availability of compatible hardware and software.
    4. Upgrade to Windows Server 2019: After successfully upgrading to a supported intermediate version, you can then perform an upgrade to Windows Server 2019. The exact migration steps will depend on the intermediate version you end up with.
    5. Test and Verify: After each upgrade, thoroughly test and verify the functionality of your applications and services to ensure that everything works as expected.
    6. Data and Application Migration: You may need to perform additional data and application migrations as part of the upgrade process.
    7. Update Drivers and Applications: Ensure that all drivers and applications are compatible with Windows Server 2019. Update them as needed.
    8. Review Licensing: Review the licensing requirements for Windows Server 2019 and ensure you have the appropriate licenses and activation keys.

    It's essential to note that this migration process can be complex, and you may encounter compatibility issues with legacy applications and hardware. You should thoroughly plan and test the migration process in a test environment before attempting it in a production environment.

    Given the complexity and risks associated with such a migration, you might want to consider the following alternatives:

    1. Fresh Installation: Instead of upgrading directly, perform a fresh installation of Windows Server 2019 on new hardware or a virtual machine and then migrate your data and applications to the new environment.
    2. Virtualization: If you have hardware that supports virtualization, you can create a virtual machine with a newer version of Windows Server and migrate your applications and data to the virtual machine.
    3. Application Modernization: Consider modernizing your applications to make them compatible with Windows Server 2019 or newer versions.

    Always consult with IT experts or Microsoft support for guidance and assistance with such complex migration scenarios. Additionally, consider seeking assistance from experienced consultants who specialize in server migrations and modernization projects.

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