Windows 10 latest update (19045.3324) is Resetting Click once Applications

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Hi ,

I'm a big fan of Windows. However, since August 9th, we've observed that our clients are facing problems with the latest Windows 10 update (19045.3324). This update seems to remove our "click once application," leaving behind only an icon that lacks its original image. When users click on this icon, they're prompted to reinstall the app. What's more troubling is that if a user shuts down their PC and restarts it the next day, the issue recurs. It's been a consistent challenge for both our clients and the tech support team. We're hopeful that Microsoft will address this soon. If anyone else is experiencing this problem, please share your insights. Thanks.


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Windows 10
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  1. David Christian 110 Reputation points

    There is a workaround to the issue at the link below. It requires disabling a non-essential Microsoft scheduled task.

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  1. Mark Ismail 171 Reputation points

    Hi, thanks for answering. We’re not sure. We have click once application that uses .net framework 4.8. On Wednesday, we started getting phone calls from clients that have windows 10 saying the app disappeared when they turned their computer on. The icon on the desktop stays but the image disappears. When the user click on the icon, it prompts them to install the app. We had over 200 customers calling us on the past 3 days from all the over the US. And the problem continues to happen on the upcoming customer when they’ll receive the update for windows 10. The application wasn’t affected on windows 11. I’ve never seen this before. The only time this could happen, if the user deletes click once application data files Apps/2.0 . I’m surprised we’re the only one affected. I’m not sure if it’s happening on all windows 10. But over 200 customers in 3 days all have windows 10. Something must have changed. And we didn’t release an update to cause it. We have customers that been using the app for over 3 years and were impacted. I don’t know where to look? If you need anything specific, please let me know. And if were the only one impacted, please let me know . Thank you

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  2. Basim Najjar 0 Reputation points

    We are facing the same issue since the 10th of AUG, we believe a windows update KB5029244 is casing the issue.. even if you fix the issue, the next morning you will be faced with the same issue..

    in C:\Users<User>\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0, the click-once application will generate a new folder..

    if anyone has a solution for this issue, please let us know.. or inform Microsoft Team somehow..

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  3. Hebikuzure aka Murachi Akira 241 Reputation points MVP

  4. Mark Ismail 171 Reputation points

    I must say windows have created a disaster for our business. Imagine over a thousand customers calling us saying their app is not there anymore. After going through the tech support with a thousand customers, imagine calling us again the second day saying the app have disappeared again. And the solution we have been offered is a joke. This make our business look bad, and make Microsoft look bad. Windows has been known as a Business operating system. That's why we and our customers prefer windows over iso or android. I'm writing an email to the CEO hopefully he can expedite a solution for this disaster before we lose our customers. That was embarrassing on so many levels.