Azure Front End with Origin Storage (Azure Blobs) with Enable Private Link Service not working

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Below is my steps:

  1. Create Storage account.
  2. Create Azure front door link to Storage Blob as origin enable private link

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  1. go to Storage Account, Networking approved Private Endpoint connections.
  2. After approved wait for few minutes, but when I tried to use front door navigate to my blobs it return

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  1. My container access level

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May I know am I did something wrong in between ?



Chin Yeow

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Azure Front Door
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  1. KapilAnanth-MSFT 34,766 Reputation points Microsoft Employee


    Welcome to the Microsoft Q&A Platform. Thank you for reaching out & I hope you are doing well.

    I understand that you would like to leverage Azure Front Door Premium storage account origin with Private Link

    Apologies for the delay, as I was deploying a Lab.

    Your configuration steps are correct. It is just that we overlooked the "Change Access level " property of the Storage Account.

    Refer : Configure anonymous public read access for containers and blobs

    • The "Private" does not mean access is restricted to only Private IPs
      • In fact, this setting does not influence the networking part at all (atleast, not at HTTP level)
    • It actually means access is only provided for "Authorized requests".
    • No public read access: The container and its blobs can be accessed only with an authorized request. This option is the default for all new containers.
    • Network Access is actually controlled and provided to the Storage Account as a whole.

    Now, for your case, you must either use a

    Shared Key (storage account key) or

    Shared access signature (SAS)

    We can actually test this, Just by using Storage Account.

    • Set the "Change Access level" to Private
    • Try to access the blob in the container, you should see 404 - which is expected.
    • Now, with the Access Level still as private, use a shared access signatures (SAS) and make the requests with it
    • You will see, even with "Change Access level" to Private, you will be able to access it via Internet
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    So, this means, your request will become something like,

    • https://<StorageAccountName>***/private/index.html***?<SASToken>
    • And subsequently, your AFD request becomes,
    • https://<AFDEndPointName>***/private/index.html***?<SASToken>

    Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance here.



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