How to connect and send and get HTTPS requests from client machine to azure_ML compute instance's localhost?

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Hello everybody,

I'm trying to figure out and understand what the proper process is for the following setup:

I have an electron app written in node.js, js on my local machine (the client). This can be a mac or windows or linux, it does not matter.

When I launch that electron app I want to connect to an azure_ML compute instance (or clusters later but first I want to make it work with compute instances).

On this azure_ML compute instance I have already a REST API call setup which works and gives me a localhost with port 1234 for example.

Now from my client machine's electron app I want to send https requests via node.js to the azure_ML compute instance's localhost, let it process the request (GET or POST requests) and send it back once it is processed to the electron app on my local machine.

Ideally I want to send to a custom IP address only accessible by the client only, something like: https://myCustomerXYZ.OnAzure:1234 (it does not need to have the port number if I can get a custom client specific link that I can http request to as well)

I was able to create an SSH key, the public on the azure_ML compute instance and the private key on the client's local machine. BUT I was not able to send https requests to the azure machine (I used also stdin without any luck).

SO with all that said and laid out, what is the correct, secure and proper azure way I have to do to make this work? The ultimate goal is to make this work on production level for multiple clients over the world.Are there any step by step tutorials that are recommended?

I was searching and checking for couple of days multiple sources (from webapp to application gateway to api manager to ssh keys etc) and there are many ways but I'm not sure what the proper approach is? And is there someone who achieved something like this I described above?

Any help or direction or guide is much appreciated.

Thank you very much for your time,


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