can I restore a vm from snapshot but the vm plan is no longer available ?

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The kali team announced that kali 2022.3 will no longer be available on market

The plan "Kali 2022.3" will no longer be available from Monday, 27 November 2023.

I already created my machine and installed custom tools and took snapshot.

can I use that snapshot to create another instances after that date ?

or what will happen to my snapshot ?

kindly, anyone has info about this case?

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    Usually the maintenance and updates are not released if the OS is end of lifecycle, you should be okay to carry out post tasks after deployment nothing will stop it as I said only impact will be security updates,patches etc. Also you can join Kali Discord team for discussing on this matter as they are quite active and should assist if you have any issues.


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    Hello Cybertask

    We noticed that you rated an answer as not helpful.

    Thanks for sharing more details. If the plan you used to create the original VM is no longer available in the Azure Marketplace, you will not be able to use that plan to create new VMs, even if you have a snapshot of the original VM.

    However, there are a few options you can consider:

    1. You can create a custom image of the original VM after you have installed all the necessary software and configurations. You can then use this custom image to create new VMs without having to install the software and configurations again. This will allow you to create new VMs even if the original plan is no longer available in the Azure Marketplace.
    2. If the original plan is no longer available, you can choose a different plan that is available in the Azure Marketplace. You will need to make sure that the new plan meets your requirements and is compatible with the software and configurations you have installed on the original VM.
    3. If you have a long-term need for VMs, you can consider using Azure Reserved Instances. This will allow you to reserve VMs for a period of one or three years at a discounted rate. This can help you save costs and ensure that you have access to the VMs you need for your training sessions.

    I hope this helps.
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