Make Excel run macros only from the workbook I'm using

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We use an Excel workbook for all new quotes. The template workbook is opened whenever we start a new quote and a copy is saved in the customer folder. It has many macros. The template workbook is often updated and modified and a new template is saved. Sometimes we open old quotes to help with the new quotes. If we run a macro in the new workbook, it often runs the same macro from the old workbook, which is problematic because the macro is often different in the new workbook. In other words, if I'm working on a NEW quote and have a similar old quote open for reference, and run a macro in the NEW workbook, Excel will often run the macro from the old workbook (in the NEW workbook), which often is not the same and causes formatting problems. How do I make Excel run macros ONLY from the workbook that is being used, rather than sucking them in from the older version? I have played with disabling macros, but that disables them in BOTH workbooks. I don't want to delete the macros from the older version because it would be time-consuming and I don't really trust my employees to do it without causing other problems. Thanks!

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