Microsoft Graph API - Teamwork Device Configuration expand not working

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In short, I need to get a list of all IPPhones in my tenant with their configuration details.

This seems to be only available in the Beta Graph API, so I am aware it is subject to change, nonetheless, I need some clarifications on its usage if possible.

This is my current code snippet:

//... more code
Azure.Identity.ClientSecretCredential clientSecretCredential = new Azure.Identity.ClientSecretCredential(......);

string[] scopes = { "" };

GraphServiceClient graphClient = new GraphServiceClient(clientSecretCredential, scopes);

var result = await graphClient.Teamwork.Devices.GetAsync((requestConfiguration) =>
	requestConfiguration.QueryParameters.Top = 2; // Works
	requestConfiguration.QueryParameters.Filter = $"deviceType eq '{TeamworkDeviceType.IpPhone}'"; // Works
	// Expand not supported at this time for this endpoint.
var configResult = await graphClient.Teamwork.Devices["ID"].Configuration.GetAsync((requestConfiguration) =>
	// Select and Expand should work based on Docs
	requestConfiguration.QueryParameters.Select = new string[] { "systemConfiguration" }; // Does not work
	requestConfiguration.QueryParameters.Expand = new string[] { "systemConfiguration" }; // Does not work

//... more code

No matter how I try, I can't seem to get the "systemConfiguration" properties back. Whenever I try using the "Expand" in the Configuration endpoint it errors out even though it says it is supported.

Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. TH-4749-MSFT 3,285 Reputation points

    Hi Andrea Fuggetta,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    The systemConfiguration property does not appear to be one of the properties returned by the Teamwork/devices/id call and hence you cannot use select or expand it. For all the Teamwork devices properties please refer to article for more information.

    For any Graph SDK related questions please post them on the respective Graph SDK Github forum. If you are able to produce the issue using Graph Explorer or Postman app please post any beta api issues on the Graph Feedback Forum.

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