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I'm trying to fetch all files of a document library in SharePoint Online Site. However this does not seem to work. I use the following code:

#Function to Download All Files from a SharePoint Online Folder - Recursively  Function Download-SPOFolder([Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Folder]$Folder, $DestinationFolder) {      

#Get the Folder's Site Relative URL     $FolderURL = $Folder.ServerRelativeUrl.Substring($Folder.Context.Web.ServerRelativeUrl.Length)     $LocalFolder = $DestinationFolder + ($FolderURL -replace "/","\")     

#Create Local Folder, if it doesn't exist     If (!(Test-Path -Path $LocalFolder)) {             New-Item -ItemType Directory -Path $LocalFolder | Out-Null             Write-host -f Yellow "Created a New Folder '$LocalFolder'"     }      

#Get all Files from the folder     $FilesColl = Get-PnPFolderItem -FolderSiteRelativeUrl $FolderURL -ItemType File     #Iterate through each file and download     Foreach($File in $FilesColl)     {         Get-PnPFile -ServerRelativeUrl $File.ServerRelativeUrl -Path $LocalFolder -FileName $File.Name -AsFile -force         
Write-host -f Green "`tDownloaded File from '$($File.ServerRelativeUrl)'"     }     

#Get Subfolders of the Folder and call the function recursively   
  $SubFolders = Get-PnPFolderItem -FolderSiteRelativeUrl 
  $FolderURL -ItemType Folder     Foreach ($Folder in $SubFolders | Where {$_.Name -ne "Forms"})     {         Download-SPOFolder $Folder $DestinationFolder     } }   

#Set Parameters 
$SiteURL = "" 
$LibraryURL = "/Shared Documents/Budgets/" #Site Relative URL 
$DownloadPath ="C:\Reports\"  

#Connect to PnP Online Connect-PnPOnline -Url $SiteURL -UseWebLogin   
#Get The Root folder of the Library 
$Folder = Get-PnPFolder -Url $LibraryURL  
#Call the function to download the document library Download-SPOFolder $Folder $DownloadPath

And I keep getting the following error code:

Get-PnPFolder : File Not Found. At line:1 char:11 + $Folder = Get-PnPFolder -Url $LibraryURL +           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     + CategoryInfo          : WriteError: (:) [Get-PnPFolder], ServerException     + FullyQualifiedErrorId : EXCEPTION,PnP.PowerShell.Commands.Files.GetFolder

However: the folder doest exist. I tried with different, existing folders but I still get the same error code.

Any ideas?

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  1. RaytheonXie_MSFT 24,201 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @Aron Beyens,

    Per my test, the method Get-PnPFolder is to get the folders in document library. The $LibraryURL should be the url of the library. In your case it should be like following, please make a reference

    $LibraryURL = "Shared Documents"

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