Not able to use ML model to post and retrieve data

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I am using ml library model that results into below output on test page.

False Alarm Prediction using Two Class Decision Forest [Predictive Exp.]' test returned ["8/10/2023 6:15:00 AM","User C","Administrator","Element 1","Select","False","0"]

I am writing below SQL query in Azure Stream Analytics as

With mlm1 AS (SELECT Timestamp, Requestor, Role, [Component Accessed], [Request type], udf.mlm(Timestamp, Requestor, Role, [Component Accessed], [Request type]) as result 

SELECT result  
INTO mlop
FROM mlm1

but getting out put in csv file as below:



Could anyone pls help me write the correct query so that i get same output in csv as I am getting on ML studio Webservice test page...

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