Trying to connect my omsagent to Azure; but the agent isn't listening on port 25226

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I'm not able to get my Azure Linux VM to connect to my Log Analytics workspace so that I can receive my Fortinet logs.

I've purged and reinstalled the omsagent several times, as well as have reinstalled the CEF agent multiple times.

The troubleshooting steps will consistently say that the agent isn't listening on port 25226. But not really how to resolve it.

The security_events.conf is in the /etc/opt/microsoft/omsagent/workspaceID/conf/omsagent.d directory and does appear to have the correct information.

The items of note I've noticed is that the /opt/microsoft/omsagnet/bin/service_control is not present.

In the filepath; /etc/..../conf/ There is no omsagent.conf and I've seen on other troubleshooting boards that there should be.

The cef_troubleshooter also mentions that it can't access the /etc/opt/omi/conf/omsconfig since the file or directory is not present.

Unsure what steps to take next.

Resolved: Ended up being a version computability error.

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  1. Christopher Lambert 5 Reputation points


    I did not see that article, but I don't think it would have helped. Ultimately, it actually ended up being a compatibility error. The VM was created with Ubuntu 22? I think it was, however the agent was only good until Ubuntu 20. So got the sub owner to delete the VM and create one with Ubuntu 20, and was able to complete the install in a timely manner.

    I didn't think to update this, so that's my bad, but thank you for answering and providing more possible answers the next time it messes up.

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