DOCX needs repaired, but repair doesn't work and validator says there's no issues

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I have a question about a docx file. It was generated using our own doc gen engine. When you open the file it says the document needs to be repaired, however when you run the file through the OOXML validator, it says there are no issues with the document. Another bizarre thing is when you open the document, repair it and then save the repaired version, when you re-open the repaired document after closing, it says it needs to be repaired again. We haven't been able to identify what is causing the document be in the "need repairs" state. Could you identify the issue that is causing this?

Link to files:

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    Hey Tom,

    I was able to figure out the source of the issue. In the document.xml there is a hyperlink with rId3 and it keeps getting repeated throughout in wrong locations. Essentially we weren't closing hyperlinks off correctly in our code and it was adding them a bunch of places they shouldn't be. This issue is now fixed and can be closed. Thank you for your help!

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