Deploying OpenAI to PVA~ Create Generative Answers node not working

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I've got a custom model in Azure AI studio that's grounded on a company policies document. My goal is to deploy that custom model to PVA and build an HR-type chatbot.

The model works great in the studio, but I'm running into problems once it's deployed in PVA. Nothing is being generated by the Create Generative Answers node. The whole topic is running fine, as far as I can tell. Not getting any error codes or topic checker warnings. Code checker isn't throwing any errors. I've quintuple-checked my OpenAI connection. Instead of posting the generated answer, the chatbot either goes to the system Fallback topic or says nothing.

Anyone else run into anything similar? I know the AzureAI to PVA feature is pretty new... trying to figure out if this is a "stupid me" problem or if something else is going on.

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