iOS app suddenly kicking out can not encode offset

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Hi, I have a VS 2019 project for iOS with Xamarin. It was working fine in June, I have my SKD version set for 10.2 and supported architectures set to ARMv7 + ARM64.

Today I loaded up my project as I wanted to check something but when I go to build I now get the errors:

can not encode offset '#####' in resulting scattered relocation

I am reading that this is because I am targeting ARMv7 but why was it working perfectly fine a couple of months ago? What would have changed?

When I try to target just ARM64 I get this error when trying to deploy to my iPad mini 6h gen (which is 64bit):

IncorrectArchitecture: Failed to find matching arch for 64-bit Mach-O input file

It is frustrating when it goes from working one month then suddenly not working even though I have not changed anything.

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