EmailEngagementTrackingReportReceived event not being triggered

Giacomo Granzotto 5 Reputation points

I recently implemented a solution that uses Azure Communication Service and works pretty well.

The only problem is the EmailEngagementTrackingReportReceived that seems not to being triggered at all.

The "User engagement tracking" is turned on in the provisioning domain and I'm sending html email as suggested in the documentation.

I'm trying just to record the event in a storage queue for now but does not work (the received works fine just the EmailEngagementTrackingReportReceived is not working).

Is there anything else I could check to make this work?

Thank you

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  1. ajkuma 22,001 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Following-up, post discussion with our product team.

    There was a bug identified, which was fixed by our product engineering team. 

    Kindly use this sample HTML tags’, test the service and let us know how it goes.


    az communication email send --connection-string "connection string" --sender "sender address" --to "recipient address" --subject "HTML test" --html "<html><body><h1>Quick send email test</h1><br/><h4>Communication email as a service mail send app working properly</h4><p><a href=''>Html message</a></p></body></html>"


    Please ensure tags' are correctly set for this feature to work.

    Thanks for your patience and cooperation! 

    Once again, apologies for the inconvenience with this issue. 

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  2. Mat Góralczyk 0 Reputation points

    Worked for me! Thanks!

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