What type of IP is that IP? (MICROSOFT-CORP-MSN-AS-BLOCK)

An attempt that appears to be a Cross Site Scripting attack was discovered against our security solution.
As a result of checking the IP information, it is confirmed as MICROSOFT-CORP-MSN-AS-BLOCK. What type of IP is that IP?

Windows Network
Windows Network
Windows: A family of Microsoft operating systems that run across personal computers, tablets, laptops, phones, internet of things devices, self-contained mixed reality headsets, large collaboration screens, and other devices.Network: A group of devices that communicate either wirelessly or via a physical connection.
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  1. Jose Freson 0 Reputation points

    Hello For several weeks I have been receiving unwanted messages whose IP addresses are: IP 2a01:111:f403:83c:0:0:0:200 IP 2a01:111:f403:38:0:0:0:200 By consulting the ip-tracker.org site, here is the information I receive. Basic Tracking Info || | -------- | |IP Address:|2a01:111:f403:38:0:0:0:200| |Hostname:|Mail-bn8nam12lp20200.outbound.protection.outlook.com| |Internet Protocol:|IPv6 -IP Version 6| |Types:|Public| |Reverse DNS:|| |Blacklist Check:|Not Blacklisted (Clean) [[Blacklist Check](https://www.ip-tracker.org/blacklist-check.php?ip=2a01:111:f403:38:0:0:0:200"Check the complete reputation status of the IP address")]| |TOR (The Onion Router) Network:|Not detected in TOR exit nodes list|

    I deduce that the origin of the messages comes from Microsoft and more precisely from Outlook. Regards   Freson Jose jose.freson@outlook.com      

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  2. Jose Freson 0 Reputation points

    Obviously, you don't care much about the phishing messages you receive. I contacted you on January 15 and nothing was done since today I again received two messages of the same type.

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  3. Jose Freson 0 Reputation points

    Here are the IP addresses of the different phishing emails I receive 2a01:111:f403:7d:0:0:0:201 2a01:111:f403:7d:0:0:0:200
    2a01:111:f403:7c:0:0:0:201 2a01:111:f403:4d:0:0:0:201  

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