How to make an Azure Container App available at a path rather than only a domain?

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I am implementing both a web client and API deployed and running as Azure Container Apps. One of the features available to me is to use custom domains with deployed container apps. I need to have the client available at the domain level and the API available at the path level. For example: If the client is at then the API would be at It appears that doing that might be possible with Azure API Management, but my use case is small and that seems like an expensive service since this is the only feature I am needing.

Is it possible to set up a container app to be available at a path as I am requesting? If so, how can I accomplish this?

Thank you!

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Azure Container Apps
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    Hope you are doing good!

    Azure Container Apps (formerly known as Azure Web App for Containers) primarily maps web applications to their root domains, and it doesn't offer built-in support for path-based routing within the app service itself. To achieve path-based routing like you described (e.g., having your client at and your API at, you typically need to use a reverse proxy or an API Gateway service.

    Here's a general approach you can take:

    1. Azure Functions Proxy:
      • You can use Azure Functions Proxies (previously known as Azure Functions Proxy) to achieve path-based routing.
        • Create an Azure Function App.
          • Add proxy rules to the proxies.json file in your Azure Function App, which will route requests to your client and API based on the URL path.
            • In your proxies.json file, you can define rules like:
                              "$schema": "",
                              "proxies": {
                                "/api": {
                                  "matchCondition": {
                                    "route": "/api/{*path}"
                                  "backendUri": "{path}"
                                "/": {
                                  "matchCondition": {
                                    "route": "/"
                                  "backendUri": ""
    - This configuration will route requests to **`/api`** to your API container app and requests to the root path **`/`** to your client container app.
    1. **API Gateway Service (Optional)**:
       - If you need more advanced features like rate limiting, caching, authentication, or API management, you can consider using Azure API Management. However, as you mentioned, it might be overkill for a small use case.
    1. **Custom Domain Configuration**:
       - Configure your custom domains (e.g., **``**) for both the Azure Function App (for path-based routing) and your client and API container apps.
    1. **DNS Configuration**:
       - Ensure your DNS records point to the appropriate Azure resources.
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