Low level mistake - mismatch in naming found in Stream Analytics

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Screenshot 2023-09-12 120401

I have been using Stream Analytics.

I got iothub-pj001, iothub-pj005 and iothub-pj009 in the Iothub and these are set as input in the Stream Analytics.

I found that I cannot find the option of iothub-pj001 last night when I was trying to add a new input.
Screenshot 2023-09-12 121330

Then I go Inputs to check the existing. The interesting thing is when I click the created input 'iothub-pj001', I found out the Iot Hub shows 'pj005' ?! And then I clicked the 'Open IoT Hub'. The page of iothub-pj001 was shown.

How ridiculous it is. What more ridiculous is, when I try to get help and support, the recommended solutions are useless and irrelevant. And then I was advised to either pay more ($29/mo) to get support or ask question in the community.
Why do I need to spend money to report the error found and created by MS?

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