Server 2022 Hyper-V Networking Issue

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I've been chasing an infuriating networking issue while trying to build a new cluster that I'm really starting to think is a bug. I've built 100+ 2016/2019 clusters so it's not my first rodeo.

What I am seeing.... I build the VM switch, attach VMNetworkAdapters for the Host OS, everything looks perfect, connectivity works all is well and magically on a reboot all of the VMNetworkAdapters will show a disconnected media state. What's even weirder, I can see the adapters under Get-NetAdapter but not Get-VMNetworkAdapter -ManagementOS .

Dell R6525

Broadcom 57416 10GbE Copper Adapters

I've been able to re-produce this over multiple hosts, multiple re-installs of the OS. At first I thought it was SCVMM weirdness applying the port profile, I can duplicate it with a simple standard switch as per below, without VMM in the mix.

New-VMSwitch "VS-Storage FD1" -MinimumBandwidthMode weight -NetAdapterName "MPIO1-10GbE" -AllowManagementOS $false
Add-VMNetworkAdapter -ManagementOS -name "Storage FD1" -SwitchName "VS-Storage FD1"
New-NetIPAddress -InterfaceAlias "vEthernet (Storage FD1)" -IPAddress -PrefixLength 24 -Type Unicast
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