Sending an email with the condition is met and avoiding a loop- Power Automate

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I have a flow that compares 2 files in the sharepoint site and updates the rows to 1 file if the ids match. The file that the data is written contains a formu1



la that bumps several dates and returns a value if the item was truly updated. The final action to this comparison is to send an email to the item owner, who is listed on the file to notify if the specific item was updated. This last action, it does send an email the appropriate owner, but the issue I'm facing is that an infinity loop has created. So, the owner gets unlimited emails until I break the flow.

The flow is scheduled as the excel documents are updated from a PAD flow (presently we do not have the access to schedule a desktop flow with the cloud, that is in the works but no eta. so this is an alternative).

Any direction would be appreciated.

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