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Hello All,

Mail conversion : EWS to exchange online using Microsoft Graph.

Old Code :

StreamingSubscription subscription = service.SubscribeToStreamingNotifications(
                    new FolderId[] { SharedMailbox },
                StreamingSubscriptionConnection connection = new StreamingSubscriptionConnection(service, 30);
                connection.OnNotificationEvent += OnNotificationEvent;
                connection.OnDisconnect += OnDisconnect;
                Console.WriteLine("(" + System.DateTime.Now + ") Syncing Mailbox...");

New conversion : Using Microsoft Graph need same functionality

                var results = graphClient.Users[""].MailFolders["Inbox"].Messages;

                var requestBody = new Subscription
                    ChangeType = "updated",
                    //NotificationUrl = "",
                    Resource = results.ToString(),
                    ExpirationDateTime = DateTimeOffset.Parse("2800-11-20T18:23:45.9356913Z"),
                    ClientState = clientSecret,
                    //LatestSupportedTlsVersion = "v1_2",
                var result = await graphClient.Subscriptions.PostAsync(requestBody);

                if (result)
                    Console.WriteLine("Process the files");
                    Console.WriteLine("Check the notification again");

Is notification URL is mandatory in microsoft graph subscription? I just want the result if there is any new mail.

Once after executing the new code I am getting Exception of type 'Microsoft.Graph.Models.ODataErrors.ODataError' was thrown.

Please suggest me on this.

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  1. Jalpa Panchal-MSFT 480 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @Hattikoti, Roopa S,

    The NotificationUrl is mandatory when creating a subscription using Microsoft Graph. Microsoft Graph will send a POST request with the change notification to this URL. This endpoint should be accessible publicly. The error message you provided is generic. You will need to catch this exception and inspect its details to get a more specific idea of what's wrong.

    Here is the sample code:

    Dim subscription As New Subscription()
        subscription.ChangeType = "created"
        subscription.NotificationUrl = ""
        subscription.Resource = "users/"
        subscription.ExpirationDateTime = DateTimeOffset.UtcNow.AddHours(24) 'Note: Subscriptions cannot be eternal, they have a max lifespan
        subscription.ClientState = clientSecret
        Dim result = Await graphClient.Subscriptions.Request().AddAsync(subscription)

    Here is the document you can refer.

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