How to change the size between Pages in Windows Desktop app

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I am using below environment to create windows desktop app + Maui / Net 7 + Windows 10

I need to set the size for each screen, for example: + LoginPage : width (400), height(650) + MenuPage : width (600), height(800)

I have referred to the link creation settings below:

However, for "LoginPage" it is OK but "MenuPage" gives an error: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object."

Below is my "MenuPage" source and the error that occurs at the line "this.Window.Width = width;"

public partial class Index : ContentPage

   protected override void OnAppearing()

             const int width = 800;
             const int height = 600;

             this.Window.Width = width;
             this.Window.Height = height;
         catch (Exception ex)

I want to ask is there any way to set the size for each page?

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    I fixed it by replacing "this.Windows" with "Shell.Current.Window"

    The cause is unknown but may be due to application problems:

    await Shell.Current.GoToAsync...