How can I do a [MemberNotNull] for an Entity Framework IncludeAll() method I wrote?

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I have the following helper method. This includes all complex properties in my Event DbSet (actually there's 9 properties but I reduced it for clarity):

public static IQueryable<Event> IncludeAll(this IQueryable<Event> source)
    return source
        .Include(e => e.Description)
        .Include(e => e.Tags)
        .Include(e => e.Thumbnail);

I use it as follows:

_event = await dbContext.Events
    .FirstOrDefaultAsync(e => e.Id == pkEvent);

When I do this, I get warnings in that call that it may need Description, Tags, & Thumbnail. And in the first use of each, again warnings that they may be null.

Is there a way to do something like the following:

public static IQueryable<Event> IncludeAll(this IQueryable<Event> source)

That (declaring MemberNotNull) does not work.

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