Azure SDK v2 - unable to download job output using mlclient

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I was using functionality from last few months, but recently started facing some issue with the below code. I'm running the code using JupyterLab and unable to download the predictions result. However, The batch endpoint is getting invoked and able to stream the job. Additionally, I can see the prediction output saved in Azure Blob Storage.

I'm also not getting any error message.

# invoke the endpoint for batch scoring job
print("Invoking the Batch Endpoint...")
job = ml_client.batch_endpoints.invoke(endpoint_name=batch_endpoint_name,  input=score_dataset_input,                    
    {"mini_batch_size": str(mini_batch_size)}, 
    {"compute.instance_count": str(compute_instance_count)},
    {"output_file_name": f"{prediction_output_file_name}.csv"}

print("Batch Endpoint invoked with the provided payload....")

print("Streaming the Job...")
job_name =
batch_job_stream =

# download the job logs and output, 
                    download_path= f"{batch_prediction_dir}/csv/", 

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  1. Amira Bedhiafi 14,481 Reputation points

    Make sure that the identity running the code has the necessary permissions to read from the Azure Blob Storage where the outputs are stored.

    Also, you can check the job's status to verify that it has indeed finished.

       job_status = job.get_status()
       print(f"Job status: {job_status}")

    Only proceed to download if the status indicates completion.

    You mentioned that there aren't any error messages. Try catching any potential exceptions that might be thrown silently.

       except Exception as e:
           print(f"Error encountered: {e}")

    Ensure that the download_path you provided exists and is accessible. You can use the os module to check or create the directory:

       import os
       download_dir = f"{batch_prediction_dir}/csv/"
       if not os.path.exists(download_dir):

    Check if actually corresponds to a job that exists. You can list the jobs and see if your job is there.

     jobs =
       for j in jobs:

    Share the output for each step so we can help you :)