Azure-Cognitive-Search-Azure-OpenAI-Accelerator botframework test error

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I am testing my chatbot.
My code is based on above link.

I tested it by using Bot Framework Emulator and Post man

I turned on my local sever by using 'python' and http://localhost:3978 is turned on.

Then I opened Bot Framework Emulater and I clicked 'Open Bot'

Bot URL : http://localhost:3978/api/messages

Microsoft App ID : My APP ID
Microsoft App password : My App client_secret

And I connected it.


I got that error.

And plus, I wanna test it through post man

URL : http://localhost:3978/api/messages

Body : I followed bleow link and I wrote Body like Base URI example.

I wrote my bot 'Messaging endpoint' for 'serviceUrl' in Body


I think I wrote my body wrong. 'conversation', 'from' and something like that.

How can I fix it??? I wanna know some example for Body

Give me solution plz

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