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UWP MessageWebSocket not working behind firewall

My UWP MessageWebSocket not working behind a firewall...
FYI:- Ports and URL is allowed
In Settings-Proxy when I enable "Automatically Detect settings" then getting the error "Forbidden (403). (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80190193)"
when I disable "Automatically Detect settings" :- able to connect

So need to add any setting for the firewall?


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Hi, If you turn off the Automatically Detect settings, you can make a WebSocket connection, which means that there is no problem with the code, but it may be the reason for the local network settings. If you are using a local server, this is not recommended in UWP, because UWP applications have a local network loopback and cannot access localhost in the released state.

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we are not using local server.. and my HTTPS call is working well just MessageWebSocket is not working behind a proxy when Automatically Detect settings On

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UWP use same proxy settings with the system. If Automatically Detect settings is turned on, WebSocket cannot be connected. This is related to the specific agency method, It is recommended not to enable this feature.

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