Hyper-V advanced session doesn't work

Enrico De Ronzi 1 Reputation point

Hi to all,
I have Windows 10 Pro, Remot Desktop enabled, hyper-v enabled with advanced session enabled in both the setings points:
Under Server, select Enhanced session mode policy DONE
Under User, select Enhanced session mode. DONE

I use as virtual system Ubuntu 20.04

When I run the VM, in "show" I see in gray color the "advanced session" menu voice.

So, I can't use it.
Can you help me, please?


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  1. Ryan 11 Reputation points

    I was having the same problem, and it was driving me crazy. If I reset windows while leaving the VM instance running, I could access it via enhanced session. But once I ended that session, I could not access it again via enhanced without first restarting the PC.

    I did fine one workaround that's been working for me that I thought I'd share: I found if I saved the machine and then started it back up, it would always allow for an enhanced session - and subsequent connections do too. No idea why, but I've been using it this way for several weeks now and it always works.

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  2. tastewar 11 Reputation points

    This is not an "Answer" per se, but just a response or comment. I don't know if that means it doesn't really belong here, but I didn't see another option for adding to the "discussion."
    I have had it happen to me on numerous occasions that I lose my ability to use Enhanced Session, and inevitably always eventually find my way to this page. It happened to me twice in the past week, when nothing had changed on either the Linux or Windows side. First time (this week, that is...), I went through the entire setup on the Linux side again, to no avail. Turned out the key was running the:

    Set-VM -VMName <your_vm_name> -EnhancedSessionTransportType HvSocket

    command (as admin). The second time, it was recent enough that I remembered not to bother with the install on the Linux side (though not recent enough that I still had the browser tab open). And after it happened the 2nd time, I realized that one thing which tied the two events together was that both times, I came to my computer in the morning to find it unresponsive, and had to power it down, then back on.

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  3. Dave Patrick 426K Reputation points MVP

    Something here might help.

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  4. Xiaowei He 9,871 Reputation points


    Please make sure you have an Ubuntu Desktop image. These steps will not work for Server-based images. From a clean install of an Ubuntu 18.04 image, issue the following commands in a terminal:

    wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Microsoft/linux-vm-tools/master/ubuntu/18.04/install.sh
    sudo chmod +x install.sh
    sudo ./install.sh

    After you’ve run your scripts, shut down your VM. On your host machine in an Administrator powershell prompt, execute this command:

    Set-VM -VMName <your_vm_name> -EnhancedSessionTransportType HvSocket

    Thanks for your time!
    Best Regards,


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  5. Josep 1 Reputation point

    Forget about it.
    There's no one simple way to do it. There are lots of settings to try and combinations increase exponentially.
    And those who have succeeded doesn't come back here anymore.
    Or you're gonna google-find the same useless "copy-paste" answers everywhere.

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