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The Get Pipeline run REST API :

output has an ID value as seen below for invokvedby :

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What does this ID refer to?

Based on MSFT docs:

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But does it mean the ID of the user within the Azure AD or Object ID etc?

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  1. Amira Bedhiafi 16,231 Reputation points

    I think but I am not sure in the context of "invokedby," it often relates to the identity of the entity that triggered or invoked the pipeline run, so it may be referring to the unique identifier associated with the entity. So logically, if the pipeline was triggered by a user, this ID would typically refer to that user's Object ID within Azure AD.

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  2. QuantumCache 20,031 Reputation points

    Hello @Nandan Hegde

    Your observation is correct, this InvokedBy ID changes for every run.

    As we track and identify each Pipeline run with it's unique RunID, simialrly we can track every Trigger Type with their own Run ID (Nothing but InvokedBy ID)

    Every Pipeline run has a unique Run ID, similarly every Trigger type has a unique Run ID, which we see inside the InvokedBy Object in the Response.

    This InvokedBy ID is not related to the user or the object in the tenant's AD! This ID is very specific to the Trigger Type.

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    As Said, The Tigger Runs history shows it's own RunID which is what we see in the InvokedBy object.

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    If we want to know which user has executed the Pipeline , then we have to look at the Activity Logs for that particular ADF. We saw the similar discussion in the past, hope you remember!

    I hope this clarifies your initial query. Let me know for further queries so that we can close this thread.

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