Why is my disk no longer getting created when using a different VM SKU with my Azure template?

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My company has been using template specs to create VM's in Azure, and the templates are set to use VM SKU's that are no longer available in most regions (specifically the Standard_B1s in this case). So I've been trying to update our templates to include SKU options that are compatible with all/most regions, but when I actually try to deploy a VM using one of the new SKU options (I've tried Standard_B2ts_v2 & Standard_B2ats_v2), I get the error "Your deployment failed - Disk <diskname> is not found".

If I wipe the resource group and recreate in a region where the original SKU's are still compatible, the VM deploys without issue. I've been combing through the template trying to understand how the disk gets generated and what could be causing the error, but I'm not having much luck. When I try to generate a support request, I just get links to various MS documentation as proposed solutions but never an actual option for real tech support.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. az_disk_error

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