How to implement archiving emails

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We build Document Management Software and want to implement functionality to archive an email which an end-user is about to send. We've built an Outlook Add-in (which enables amazing possibilities btw!)

But for this use-case we use the 'onSend' option in the manifest to have a hold on the email just before it get's send. There are three issues with this:

  1. the lookup to the OnSend function slows down the sending of every email
  2. When our systems would be down, the end-user cannot get's his mail sent (most important reason)
  3. onSend is not allowed for publishing in the AppSource.

Is there a better way to support this? We were thinking about using onSend with 'Asynchronous' but that is not supported. Is there any news on when it will be supported?

Good to note is that we already support the functionality with the older COM plugin model and want to move to the new web-based Add-ins without disappointing existing customers.

Thanks in advance,

Harry van der Beek
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