Impact on Azure Bot after retirement of Classic Application Insights on Feb 2024

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we have a chatbot running on Azure, which is using Classic Application Insights to collect information about chatbot usage. We have received the notification that Classic Application Insights will stop on Feb 29th, 2024, and we should migrate to workspace application insights. I understand that if we don't do anything, data will stop to be ingested and will not be accessible. The question is: will the chat bot service continue to work, or is it mandatory to migrate to Workspace Insights for it to keep running?


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    Jorge Alamañac, thank you for posting this question.

    To answer your question - yes, your chatbot (or any other application using the classic Application Insights) would continue to work.

    However, there might be specific issues related to unhandled exceptions (which will really depend on the application design). For example, if your chatbot is configured to raise unhandled exception when the telemetry could not be sent to AppInsights, it could crash the application. I would suggest performing a side test using another instance of chatbot configured in current fashion, only this time connect it to a different test AppInsights workspace. Ensure that chatbot functions and then delete the test AppInsights workspace and notice the behavior. This should closely represent the issues that you may face after the migration deadline.

    Hope this helps. If the answer did not help, please add more context/follow-up question for it, and we will help you out. Else, if the answer helped, please click Accept answer so that it can help others in the community looking for help on similar topics.

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