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On Friday I noticed some odd behavior with a couple of posts. In particular this one: If anyone tries to reply with an answer, they end up being redirected to an 500 error page. If you try to leave a comments, they usually don't appear. At one point I saw my comment appear, only for it to disappear 10 minutes later. I'm a moderator, and can assure you that the missing comments where due to moderation/content. It seems like this issue is only happening on some posts.

I also noticed on Friday that I couldn't create a new question for the Microsoft Q&A tag to report this issue. This highlights two issues worth investigating;

  1. Why new posts couldn't be made.
  2. Consider documenting another method for reporting issues outside of Microsoft Q&A. If Microsoft Q&A fails and goes unnoticed on the MSFT side, how can someone report the issue?

Also, when posting this question, I was redirected to a 404 error page and didn't realize that this question actually posted.

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