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Hello everyone, I'm new here.
Hope that someone can help me with this issue I have.

In our company a large number of our users uses the MultiApp Kiosk Mode of Windows 10.
We are planning to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11.
After learning how the new XML works (we deploy it with Powershell with the System User), we had a pleasing result after the upgrade on a test PC.
But we have an issue when we try to hide pages from the Settings app.
On the Windows 10 MultiApp Kiosk we had no issue at all; now with Windows 11 if we try to apply the rule from Policy or even if we try to do so directly from the Registry we get the same result.
The Settings app opens, freezes for some seconds and then it closes.
We tried the same thing on my PC that is totally unlocked (not Kiosk) and we get the same result.
Both the PC where I am testing the KioskMode and mine have the same Windows version.

Does anyone else have the same issue?
Am I doing something wrong?

Some pictures below.

Thanks in advance for the help





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