[UWP][XBOX] unable to deploy UWP to Xbox Series S

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I'm trying to deploy a UWP package to my Xbox Series S:

  • PC developer mode enabled;
  • new VS 2022 UWP C# project;
  • configuration target x64;
  • target version 'Windows 10, version 2004';
  • Xbox Series S developer mode activated;
  • remote machine 'XBOX' detected on same network;
  • successfully connected to Xbox via web browser

Build succeeds, deploy fails, error message:

"The Visual Studio 2022 Remote Debugger (MSVSMON.EXE) does not appear to be running on the remote computer".

Tried restarting my project 3 times now, tried combination of WiFi and LAN cable, all result in same error. Not sure why it cannot deploy.

2023-11-03 VS code deployment errors

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