Punjabi-India(pa-IN) Resource dll is not generating after deploying on Linux machine.

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I have been adding Punjabi-India (pa-IN) language for localization in our Project having target framework as "net6.0" along with additional language traditional Chinese (zh-TW).

The issue is when building the solution in the Linux deployment server. zh-TW, pa-IN folder and resource.dll of that locale have not been generated. But in my local Windows machine does all.

I renamed the "zh-TW" to "zh-Hant" and it worked but for Punjabi language I have used renaming "pa-IN" to "pa-Guru", but it didn't worked.

Is there some other code for Punjabi-India language for localization available that will work for both platforms(windows and Linux)?

Appreciate input or guidance to fix it in advance.


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