Order of dynamically placed controls.

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I place a few panels and splitters dynamically on a form (Winforms).

What I want is panel1||splitter1||panel2||Splittter2. It seems that the order in which the panels are added with controls.add() is not respected.

what I get is: panel2||splitter1||panel1

How can I adjust the order?

private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            TabPageItems.Controls.Add(CreatePanel(1,DockStyle.Left, "test", Color.Blue));
            TabPageItems.Controls.Add(CreatePanel(2, DockStyle.Left, "test", Color.LightBlue));

        private Panel CreatePanel(int PanelNumber, DockStyle dockStyle, string panelType, Color color)
            // Create a dynamic panel
            Panel dynamicPanel = new()
                Name = panelType + PanelNumber.ToString(),
                Size = new Size(50, 50),
                Location = new Point(0, 0),
                BackColor = color,
                BorderStyle = BorderStyle.FixedSingle,
                Dock = dockStyle,
                AutoSize = false

            return dynamicPanel;

        private Splitter CreateSplitter(int SplitterNumber)
            Splitter splitter = new()
                Name = "SPLITTER_" + SplitterNumber.ToString(),
                Dock = DockStyle.Left,
                Width = 6,
                BackColor = Color.DeepSkyBlue,
                Location = new Point(0, 0),
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  1. KOZ6.0 4,015 Reputation points

    The specification is that a collection of controls is enumerated from front to back. You can customize Control.Collection to change the order in which windows are created, but this is not recommended as it confuses Form Designer.

    public class TabPageEx : TabPage
        protected override ControlCollection CreateControlsInstance() {
            return new ControlCollectionEx(this);
        public class ControlCollectionEx : Control.ControlCollection
            public ControlCollectionEx(Control owner) : base(owner) { }
            public override void Add(Control? value) {
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  2. Hans 251 Reputation points

    It looks like different controls don't match.

    This works, result is panel-splitter-panel:


    This does not work: result is splitter - panel - panel


  3. Hans 251 Reputation points

    Thanks, you were right. Now it works.

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  4. Hans 251 Reputation points
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