Cannot create metastore in Databricks.

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Hi Community,

I am having an issue when creating a metastore in Databricks account. I used to have one working, but I deleted it. Now I need to create one and the system keeps telling me that the current region already contains a metastore. That is not true. I deleted all the metastores. the Data tab is completely empty. I am an Account Admin in Databricks.

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  1. PRADEEPCHEEKATLA-MSFT 69,606 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @Victoriano Vega - Thanks for the question and using MS Q&A platform.

    If you are trying to delete a metastore in your Databricks account and then immediately recreate it, but you are receiving an error message stating that the current region already contains a metastore, it is possible that the metastore deletion process has not completed yet.

    When you delete a metastore in Databricks, it may take some time for the deletion process to complete. During this time, the metastore may still appear to be present in your account, even though it is in the process of being deleted. If you try to recreate the metastore before the deletion process has completed, you may receive an error message stating that the current region already contains a metastore.

    To resolve this issue, you can try waiting for some time after deleting the metastore before attempting to recreate it. This will give the deletion process enough time to complete. You can also try refreshing the page or logging out and logging back in to your Databricks account to ensure that you are seeing the most up-to-date information.

    If you continue to experience issues, please do let us know for further assistance.