On the laptop "Lenovo IdeaPad 3" a bios update was executed before two days after the update windows doesn't work anymore.

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Dear support team,

on the Laptop "Lenovo IdeaPad 3" a BIOS (firmware) update was executed before 2 days.

After the update Windows does not start anymore.

Instead it requests a key for the bitlocker encryption.

I checked the referred windows account for the key but is not listed there.

Since bitlocker was activated from factory I have no access to a key. After the day i visit to Lenovo service centre with my laptop Lenovo IdeaPad 3 to get recovery the bitlocker key. They asked me my Microsoft account mail id and password I get them all. but they told that there's no recovery key saved i my Microsoft account. So how can i get recovered my system without losing my leptop data.Screenshot_20231106-173503~2


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Windows 10 Compatibility
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    If you're unable to retrieve the BitLocker recovery key from your Microsoft account, you may try the following steps:

    Check for Local Recovery Key:

    On the laptop where BitLocker is prompting for a key, check if there's a local copy of the recovery key. Sometimes, it might have been saved to a USB drive or printed.

    Contact Lenovo Support:

    Lenovo might have specific tools or methods to assist with BitLocker recovery on their devices. Get in touch with Lenovo Support for guidance.

    Use a Data Recovery Tool:

    If accessing the data is crucial and you're unable to unlock BitLocker, consider using a professional data recovery tool. These tools can sometimes help recover files from BitLocker-encrypted drives.

    Backup Encrypted Drive:

    If possible, create a backup of the encrypted drive before attempting any recovery steps. This ensures that your data is preserved even if the recovery process goes wrong.

    Professional Data Recovery Services:

    In extreme cases, where the data is critical and none of the above methods work, you may consider professional data recovery services. These services specialize in recovering data from encrypted drives.

    Remember to avoid making changes to the encrypted drive without ensuring you have a backup or professional guidance, as incorrect actions can lead to data loss.

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