"Choosing Between VPN and Remote Desktop for Hosting Third-Party Applications on Windows Server 2019"

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Hello, I need some guidance on this matter. We have some third-party applications hosted on our VPS running Windows Server 2019. These applications are mainly accounting and fund management software.

I have tried setting up a VPN provided by the cloud service provider to connect from the client to the VPS and run these software by simply mapping the network. However, the performance is not satisfactory when compared to a local network. It's slow, even though we have a dedicated VPN.

We are considering using a remote desktop connection since we already have remote user service licenses, which should allow multiple remote connections. So my question is: Can we go this route using Remote Desktop? What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing so? It's worth noting that for Remote Desktop, we would need to create individual user Windows credentials to log onto the server first, whereas for VPN, we do not have to do this.

What would be the best possible solution for my scenario?

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