Multiple duplicate PageViewed and PageViewedExtended records in management activity API data

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I'm using the management activity API to pull SharePoint usage data. Confused to be seeing duplicate rows a researched a possible cause as it didn't seem to be down to the process built. This research showed the cause to be the activity (operation) type.

I'm really only interested in PageViewed and PageViewedExtended. The API spec says that these are repeated in the data for prolonged view of a page. E.g. if a user has a page open for an extended length of time multiple identical rows will be seen. To save there being too many rows the PageView activity repeats every 5 mins a page is open. At some point PageViewedExtended takes over (up to 3 hours). The implication is that if a user viewed a page for 15 minutes i should see 3 rows. I want to use this to imply dwell time bands for sites.

I do see duplicate rows but cannot replicate it. If i have a page open for any length of time i only see 1 row, even if i do nothing else on the machine and ensure it doesn't lock.

How can i replicate the duplication ?



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