Unable to add "Approved" column to documentLibrary using "enableModeration" when creating list

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The issue I'm having is using the Graph API, using the endpoint /sites/{sharepointSite}:/sites/{siteId}:/lists

Im creating "lists" on SharePoint under a Site, and set a template (JSON attached).

From the documentation by setting "enableModeration" we should get the "Approved" column. We're sending the parameter as "true", but the column doesn't show. I could swear it used to, so maybe the API has changed and the documentation hasn't been updated, or there is a bug, or maybe I'm missing something. The API doesn't throw any errors though, it still creates the list.

The JSON sent:

{   "displayName": "Name",   "columns": [     {       "name": "DocType",       "displayName": "Doc Type",       "choice": {         "choices": [           "PDF",           "Image"         ],         "displayAs": "dropDownMenu",         "allowTextEntry": true       },       "indexed": true,       "enforceUniqueValues": false     }   ],   "list": {     "template": "documentLibrary",     "enableModeration": true   } }

We also tried by creating a new template, but there is no documentation on how to send in a "custom" template through the API. It throws the error "One of the provided arguments is not acceptable."

Can you give us some guidance on how to get the Approval column to show when creating a new list?

Kind regards

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  1. RaytheonXie_MSFT 26,791 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @Filipe Fonseca,

    As per my knowledge feature/functionality to create SharePoint list from a custom template is not yet available with Microsoft Graph API.

    Per my test, I can reproduce the issue with yours. By passing following body, I could only create the list with columns but without Require content approval setting changes.

        "displayName": "testlist",  
        "columns": [  
                "name": "DateTime",  
                "dateTime": {}  
                "name": "Multipleline",  
                "text": {  
                    "allowMultipleLines": true,  
                    "appendChangesToExistingText": false,  
                    "linesForEditing": 6,  
                    "maxLength": 300,  
                    "textType": "plain | richText"  
                "name": "Choice",  
                "choice": {  
                    "allowTextEntry": true,  
                    "choices": [  
                    "displayAs": "dropDownMenu"  
                "name": "Yes/No",  
                "boolean": {}  
        "list": {  
            "template": "genericList",
    		"enableModeration": true 

    Since this feature/functionality is presently not available, you can submit a feature request idea using this support link, which will be monitored by Microsoft team and make the enhancements to Microsoft Graph APIs. I will also upvote for you.

    As a workaround, you could change the setting in the list setting. Go Versioning Settings, and change Require content approval for submitted items to yes.

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