How do you whitelist 1 website and any other websites to be changed to a specific whitelisted website?

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My program at my school is using a kiosk for there website but there are ways to exit the specified website. I used task schedulers to open google chrome in their kiosk mode in which work better than the edge mode as you could right click and open a new tab. So with that you could still get to different pages through things like the websites security links and all. So I am using a PROXY to only allow the one website strings, It works well but there is only one issue, you can select the "Running Windows Network Diagnostics" which opens a new application in windows which allows for the taskbar to be accessed and mess with apps on the computer. Is there a way for windows to redirect any website that is not on the allow list to a specific website?

To add onto this I did use a task schedule to reload the browser after some time but you can still access the link that opens the diagnostic app before that time.

Windows 10 Network
Windows 10 Network
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