Does keeping port 53 open and running AdGuard Home on Linux VM violate Microsoft Azure terms of service?

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Hello. I want to use two Linux VMs on Microsoft Azure to run two instances of AdGuard Home. AdGuard Home will protect the devices using it as the DNS from loading trackers and malicious links on the internet. For all the smartphones and computers at home, I'll be configuring DNS over HTTPS over port 443. However, for the internet router itself, I'll have to use port 53. But as I understand, keeping port 53 open to the public is a security risk. So I'll limit it to my ISP's CIDR. So, I'll need to have the following ports open:

  1. TCP 22: open to the world
  2. UDP 53: open to my and my relatives' broadband providers' CIDR
  3. TCP 443: open to the world or to CIDRs of two ISPs in India
  4. TCP 3000: open to the world for the first 15 minutes but then closed for everyone
  5. TCP 80: open to the world

The reason I need to have AdGuard Home on the cloud is so that my family members, who live in other parts of my country, can connect to it from 2 other cities using their broadband or 4G connection. I will be running these VMs 24x7. So I wanted to know if this use case goes against Microsoft Azure Terms of Service.

Secondly, I'm a student and have signed up for the GitHub Student Developer Pack. One of the benefits is "Access to Microsoft Azure cloud services and learning resources – no credit card required. Free access to 25+ Microsoft Azure cloud services plus $100 in Azure credit. For students aged 18+." When I go to Azure pricing page, I can see, "750 hours each of B1s, B2pls v2 (Arm-based), and B2ats v2 (AMD-based) burstable VMs" valid for 12 months, and as far as I know, B1s with 1 core and 1 GB RAM should be more than enough to run AdGuard Home, although I am not so sure about the 4 GB temporary storage option. Do I get any persistent storage where I would be able to install AdGuard Home? Also, the 750 hours mentioned is for each VM that I run or all the VMs together? Thank you.

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