Split using Date as a condition not working in mapping data flow

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I am running a data flow that separates the incoming data based on when the record was created. However, split condition does not give any true results when using date as a filter

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The data in the column placement_startdate is valid and is in date format, being sourced from mysql

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I tried switching from split condition to filter condition and still it doesn't work. I am at a loss what could be causing this.


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  1. Amira Bedhiafi 8,631 Reputation points

    You might be correct. If the placement_startdate column in your Azure Data Factory data flow is already in a date format, you might not need to use toDate for your comparison. The toDate function typically converts a string or a numeric type to a date type. If placement_startdate is already a date, this conversion would be redundant and could potentially cause issues.

    Instead, try using the condition directly like this:

    placement_startdate >= '2023-08-01'
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