Error when enabling B2B direct inbound cross-tenant settings: Fallback identity provider cannot be set to EmailOneTimePasscode when AzureActiveDirectory is not in the primary identity provider precedence order

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When attempting to modify the default B2B direct Inbound settings (using global admin account) to allow all external access to shared channels, getting prompted with message 'The fallback identity provider cannot be set to emailonetimepasscode or defaultconfiguredldp when AzureActiveDirectory is NOT in the primary identity provider precedence order"

Does the 'AzureActiveDirectory' refer to what is now called as Microsoft Entra ID?

Is the message prompt relevant to the default B2B Collaboration settings under 'Redemption order' tab?

If so, Microsoft Entra ID is 'Enabled' and is among the 'Primary identity providers having the top precedence (being top in the list) and under 'Fallback identity providers' both MSA and 'Email one-time passcode' are enabled.

Please note, we had 2 external tenant added under 'Organizational settings' 1 of which I added myself few weeks ago.

Thinking those 2 external tenants could be preventing the default settings to be modified, I tried deleting both but I was only able to do so with the one I added and that for the other external tenant i have 'Insufficient privileges to complete the operation (Deletion).'

Would appreciate your feedback to work around this or if there's another prerequisite to proceed with the intended changes.

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