Generate Access Token via Service Principal

Nandan Hegde 27,241 Reputation points MVP

Currently we are generating an Access Token within Azure automation via Managed Identity based on the below code:

$bearer_token = (Invoke-RestMethod -Method Get -Headers @{"X-IDENTITY-HEADER"="$env:IDENTITY_HEADER"} -Uri "$( $env:IDENTITY_ENDPOINT )?resource=499b84ac-1321-427f-aa17-267ca6975798&api-version=2019-08-01").access_token

Now the devops/offering is moving to a different tenant because of which we cannot use Managed Identity and we need to switch to Service principal way.

So can anyone suggest how to generate the access token based on the above configuration and leveraging an app

Azure Automation
Azure Automation
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Microsoft Entra ID
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